About Sandrine Ventura

During her 10 years of experience, Sandrine has been able to create a bond with her clients, by demonstrating professionalism, by being attentive to their needs and attentive to their financial, strategic and operational constraints.

She knows how to develop relationships of trust in an environment prone to rapid changes.

Sandrine has this ability to have a global vision of a situation. Brands have to know how to anticipate badbuzz, be able to take advantage of critical situations and especially take into account the aspirations of each stakeholder. This allows brands to master the ins and outs as well as the stakes.

Sandrine, was able to federate, around a passion, a 360° team composed of a director of the strategy creator of values, a coach in communication in control of the strategy of the language, experts of the Luxury market and Experts in cultures of the world with for each, a key role in developping and securing your brand.

«We admire the beauty of the butterfly, but we rarely admit the indispensable changes that such beauty has required»

Maya Angelou

Her clients and partners speak for her

« Sandrine does everything possible to satisfy its commitments in complete transparency with its customers »

« Sandrine's enthusiasm is contagious and allows us to achieve and even exceed the objectives set, with great professionalism »

« I trust Sandrine because her words are always in accordance with her actions »